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    The 2019 Medical Education Synergy Summit Forum of Shanxi Medical University

    Time:Oct 16, 2019 17:09       Auth:Di Zhang ; Jiaxin Yao

    On September 23th, 2019 Medical Education Synergy Summit forum of Shanxi Medical University was held at Shanxi international convention center, which was co-sponsored by Shanxi Medical University and Affiliated Taiyuan Central Hospital. More than 400 representatives fromthe Chinese Academy of Engineering, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences,Provincial Department of Education,Capital Medical University and affiliated hospitals of Shanxi Medical universitytook part in the event. The meeting was hosted by Professor Zhang Hui, the vice president and the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the university.

    Addressing the meeting, Professor Zhang Junlong first expressed warm welcome to the representatives who participated in the meeting. He encouraged the medical workers to explore and enhance the relationship, communication and cooperation between medical practice and education, since these two aspects complement each other and have a close correlation.By holding this conference, we wish to provide a platform for thecommunicationinmedical activities,educationand other fields to share the experiences and the practices intraining good doctors, which in turn making society more prosperous.

    Hou Wenyi, addressed that, asthe leader of Shanxi medical education, Shanxi Medical University has cultivated a large numbers of medical healthcare workers that make big contributions to the social economic development and stability. Zhang Bo said that theProvincial Health and Health Commissionwill always give strong support to the development of Shanxi Higher Medical Education and to make a greater contribution to the development of medicine.

    In the afternoon, Dr. Wang Xiaomin, Dr. Wang Ling, Dr. Yang Libin, Dr. Wu Xuemei, Dr. Jia Jinzhong, Dr. Liu Huizhong, Dr. Wang Yajun, Dr. Jing Huiquan,Dr. Sun Hengwu , Dr. Zhang Cevoiced the views on the particular themes of medical and educational coordination.

    It was a great occasion that the representatives from different areas came together to discuss the innovative developments inmedical and educational coordination.The meeting will certainly promote the growth of majors in our school, the development of medical education in Shanxi Province, and the progress of "Health Shanxi" and "Health China".The field of medicine in Shanxi Province will have a brighter future with joint efforts, and the win-win association between medical activities and medical education will be raised to a new level.

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