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    The Meeting between Shanxi University International Cooperation Alliance and University of Adelaide was Held in SXMU

    Time:Nov 29, 2019 15:50       Auth:Gao Anqi;Zhang Di;Yao Jiaxin

    On the afternoon of November 22nd, the meeting of the Shanxi University International Cooperation Alliance and the Cooperation and Exchange Conference with the University of Adelaide were held at Conference Room 2 in the Teaching and Administration Building of Zhongdu Campus. Leaders from the University of Adelaide include Paul Byrne, the Director of Global Affairs of International Cooperation Department, Simon Futo, the Deputy Director of Overseas Study Office, Dana Sun, the Chief of the International Relations of Center for Continuing Education and English Language, and principals of Departments of Foreign Affairs from Shanxi University, Shanxi Agricultural University, Shanxi Normal University, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, North University of China, Shanxi Datong University, Taiyuan Normal University and other nine universities of the Provincial University International Cooperation Alliance attended the conference.

    Ma Xiaoxiao, the director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Shanxi University, hosted the internal meeting of the Alliance. The meeting firstly conveyed the work notices from the International Office of the Education Department of Shanxi Province and the representatives of universities put forward many constructive suggestions. Then, Fan Qinghua, the Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division of our school, introduced the current situation of international exchange and cooperation of Shanxi Medical University and summarized the short-term Academic English and Medical English exchange programs with University of Adelaide in the last four years.

    During the meeting, Simon Futo, the Deputy Director of Overseas Study Office, gave an academic report on how to promote the international development of universities on behalf of the University of Adelaide. He introduced the structure, the operation mechanism and the international cooperation and exchange experience of the International Cooperation Department of their university and recommended some cooperation projects based on the needs of universities in Shanxi. The two sides later conducted in-depth discussions on specific projects.

    It is reported that our school has been the leading organizer in the program between Shanxi University Alliance and the University of Adelaide for four consecutive years, and sent 177 students from universities of Shanxi in total, including 52 students from our school, ranking first in the province.

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