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    President Xi Jinping's reply to all Pakistani students at University of Science & Technology Beijing elicited enthusiastic responses of our school’s international students

    Time:May 29, 2020 18:36       Auth:赵鑫荣

    On May 17, President Xi Jinping wrote a letter to all Pakistani international students at University of Science & Technology Beijing, welcoming outstanding young people from all over the world to study in China, encouraging them to communicate more with Chinese youth and work with worldwide young people to jointly contribute to the construction of the community of shared future for mankind.

    Our school currently has 261 international students from 20 countries, including Pakistan, India and Indonesia. After reading President Xi Jinping's reply letter, the international students of our university discussed it actively. They said that they will cherish this studying-abroad experience, learn professional skills, and contribute their own strength to the construction of the community of shared future for mankind.

    Long Live China-Pakistan Friendship

    "From President Xi Jinping's letter, I realize that China cares and values international students. Please accept our sincere thanks and blessing. President Xi's kind words will help us through this difficult period. Time will also leave us with unforgettable memories in the days to come. "Said Ayesha Afzal, a 2017-grade international student from Pakistan, we will always remember the care of good friends at this difficult time. Thank you again for your help and hope that the epidemic will end soon. May the friendship between China and Pakistan last forever.


    (Ayesha Afzal and Sana Afzal)

    The 2018-grade international student AMNA is also from Pakistan. She said, "I especially want to thank President Xi for his concern to us international students. While studying abroad, we realize the profoundness of Chinese culture and feel the friendship of the Chinese people. From the very beginning, China has been a true friend of Pakistan. In the future, I hope that the two countries will develop better and the peoples of the two countries can communicate more deeply. Long live China-Pakistan friendship!”

    China is Our Second Hometown

    Zaman Dania, who has just entered school in 2019, is also from Pakistan. She said, "After reading President Xi Jinping's letter, I feel that the friendship between Pakistan and China is more valuable than gold. Chinese people are very friendly and enthusiastic to us. We will work hard to ensure that this friendship gets stronger. We love China, she is our second hometown. "

    (The monitor, Denia from Pakistan)

    "As President Xi Jinping said, life is the most important thing. How can you learn when you are not healthy? During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone saw how all schools in China care about the safety of foreign teachers and students. Even until Now, some students have returned to their home country, the school still cares about their health and records every day. China is the second hometown of all foreign students. Thank you very much for all Chinese people treat us as Chinese citizens."  Said Rwandande Fidele, a 2018-grade student from Rwanda.

    "I am very grateful to President Xi Jinping. I highly appreciate the policies of the Chinese government and universities during the epidemic. I will definitely tell everyone that China is our second hometown without hesitation. I love China! "The 2018-grade student Tauqir Muhammad Anas from Pakistan said with emotion.

    "When the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading constantly in the world, China has once again demonstrated its reason for becoming a great world power. Chinese government has always taken care of not only its own citizens but also foreigners living in China. China has showed strict discipline and humanism. As an international student studying in China, I am proud to say that even during this global pandemic, I can stay in China safely. The materials and assistance provided by the Chinese government are generous. At any difficult moment, China has always impressed every one. I am very happy and proud to be a member of this amazing country. What I want to say is that, in China, I have never felt like leaving home. China has never made me feel like a foreigner. It feels like I am part of this big family. Come on China!" Said 2018-grade Indian student Sharma Puneet.

    (Sharma Puneet, an international student of Indian)

    Thanks China

    "Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we found that our school teachers, administrators, security guards, and medical teams all care about us and protect us like our family members. The school asks us about our health condition everyday and provides masks and other anti-epidemic materials. I feel that the Chinese government takes care of us like our parents. ” Said Safa, an international Pakistani student. " President Xi ’s letter gives us a lot of courage and strength. We believe that China has always cared about foreign students and will always be so. My and my two sisters will be with China forever. I love China! I love Shanxi Medical University!" 2018-grade student Marva said.

    ("Three Sisters” from Pakistan)

    Khan Zain Ullah, a Pakistan student of 2019 grade, said that President Xi Jinping is a great politician and he is very friendly to both Chinese people and the people abroad. “I saw President Xi Jinping's letter to us, knowing that President Xi praised our efforts. We will definitely establish good relations with Chinese people and contribute to the development of China and Pakistan.


    (Khan Zain Ullah, a Pakistan international student)

    "China has showed its great power as a responsible big country by quickly carrying out useful solutions to control the epidemic, which has set a good example for the other countries in the world. I am very proud that I came to study in China, I believe China will be better!" Pakistan student Hasan Zainab said.

    "During the epidemic, I am lucky that I could stay in China. I thought life would be difficult, but thanks to my teachers, they help me and give us the items and support we need. I found that China is the safest country in the world. Thanks to my teacher, thanks to China!" 2018-grade Adil Nawas from Pakistan said.

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