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    Shanxi Medical University Solemnly Held the Class of 2020 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony

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    (Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony Site)

    At 8 a.m. on June 7th, Shanxi Medical University held the class of 2020 graduation and degree awarding ceremony on both Zhongdu Campus and Yingze Campus. At the same time, we conducted a live internet broadcast. All school leaders, members of the academic degrees evaluation committee, subcommittee members, and mentor representatives sat on the rostrum; the heads of various departments of our school, the ideological and political counselors of the school, and all 2020 graduates participated in the graduation ceremony on-site or online . The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Xie Jun.

    The graduation and degree awarding ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem.

    (Professor Zhang Junlong, secretary of the Party Committee of SXMU and tutor of doctoral students, turned the tassel for the graduates.)

    (Professor Li Sijin, the president, the chairman of the school degree committee, and the doctoral supervisor made a speech.)

    (Professor Xie Jun, vice president and doctoral supervisor presided over the ceremony.)



    In warm applause, Li Sijin, the principal and chairman of the academic degrees evaluation committee, addressed the graduates. He made three wishes to all the graduates, encouraging them to shoulder the important tasks of the times and the people, and realize the dream of themselves and their families.


    (Representatives of outstanding alumni, teachers, graduates and undergraduates)


    The main venue on Zhongdu campus specially invited outstanding alumni, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and medical microbiologist academician Xu Jianguo as a representative of the alumni. Considering the epidemic situation, Tang Shan, a member of the Shanxi-assisting-Wuhan Medical Team, the head nurse of the Department of Neurology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, the winner of the 24th China Youth Medal, and a clinical teacher of the School of Nursing, gave a speech as a teacher representative. Zhang Qian, a 2020-class graduate student, and Wu Hao, a 2020-class undergraduate student, which were both going to graduate, delivered graduation speeches as students’ representatives.


    Subsequently, Dang Zhifeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC of our school and the secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, announced the decision to commend the outstanding graduates of 2020 class. Secretary of the CPC Committee of SXMU Zhang Junlong and the deputy secretary He Peifeng awarded


    Wang Hongwei, a member of the CPC Committee of SXMU and the vice president, announced the decisions to award the doctorates. Principal Li Sijin turned tassels for the PhD students, issued degree certificates, and took a group photo with them.

    A member of the CPC Committee of SXMU and vice president Zhang Hui announced the decisions to award the 2020 master's degrees and bachelor's degrees. Forty-three members of the mentoring group turned tassels for all graduates who obtained master's and bachelor's degrees, awarded degree certificates and took a group photo.


    (Professor Yin Huaiqing swore "Oath of Medical Students")

    Under the leadership of Professor Yin Huaiqing, all the teachers and students revisited the Oath of Medical Students.

    Xie Jun encouraged the graduates to achieve their dreams. He hoped that his students would bear in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping's sincere entrustment, uphold the spirit of SXMU, and become successors of the times with ideals, skills and responsibilities.

    The graduation and degree awarding ceremony of 2020 class ended successfully in the majestic school song.



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