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    SXMU Welcomes International Students in Grade 2018

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    On the afternoon of January 8, the Opening Ceremony for International Students in Grade 2018 was held at the Academic Lecture Hall in Zhongdu Campus. Party Secretary Zhang Junlong, President Li Sijin, Deputy Party Secretary He Peifeng, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Dang Zhifeng, Vice President Wang Hongwei, Vice President Xie Jun, Vice President Zhang Hui, Vice President Zhang Hong, Secretary of First Clinical Medical College (First Affiliated Hospital) Chen Liping, Secretary of Second Clinical Medical College (Second Affiliated Hospital) Zhang Jin were invited to be present at this ceremony. The deans of functional departments and schools, all international students and representatives of Chinese students attended the ceremony. Wang Hongwei, the Vice President, hosted the ceremony.

    (The Opening Ceremony)

    (Party Secretary Zhang Junlong at the Opening Ceremony)

    (President Li’s Speech at the Opening Ceremony)

    (Deputy Party Secretary He Peifeng Announcing the International Student Scholarships Winners)

    (Vice President Wang Hongwei Hosting the Opening Ceremony)

    (School Leaders Awarding for Students)

    (Wan Heda, Teacher Representative,School of International Education)

    (Menghe(India), International Student Representative in Grade 2017)

    (Shiyun(Pakistan), International Student Representative in Grade 2018)

    (Solemn Oath of All Medical Students)

    After the heated school song, President Li Sijin delivered an English speech to welcome the new international students to study with their dreams. He briefly introduced the university and the process of internationalization, and urged students to learn to communicate, and to develop good medical ethics as well as first-class clinical professional skills. In addition, President Li encouraged international students to learn Shanxi and Chinese culture and become excellent SXMU students who know China and love China.

    Teacher Representative, Wan Heda from School of International Education, reviewed the progress made by the first batch of international students, and put forward higher requirements and expectations for the new students. She hoped that students will strive to realize their dreams.

    On behalf of international students in Grade 2017, Menghe (India) expressed his heartfelt thanks to all Chinese teachers for their efforts to teach international students, managers for their services and students for their enthusiasm. He shared his growth experience and achievements during the first school year, hoping to be a good leader and make progress together with the freshmen.

    Shi Yun, a student from Pakistan, spoke as the student representative in Grade 2018. She introduced her elder sister and twin younger sister who were also freshmen, and presented that it was the historical accumulation and rigorous teaching style of Shanxi Medical University that attracted them to come here. The three sisters will work together with all the new students to cherish the six years and study hard.

    Subsequently, Deputy Party Secretary He Peifeng read out the list of winners of the International Student Scholarship for the school year 2017-2018, and the leaders awarded the certificates to the international students who received the scholarship of the Government for studying in Shanxi and the scholarship of outstanding students in Shanxi Medical University.

    At the end of the ceremony, all the medical students made the oath solemnly.

    Vice President Wang Hongwei told the students to keep the oath in mind and make good preparations for struggling for the medical and health as well as human physical and mental health during the lifetime. He also reminded students to understand President Li's speech carefully and take a good path of life.

    After the ceremony, the leaders took pictures with international students.

    In 2018, SXMU enrolled 105 international students from 14 countries, including Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, India, Indonesia and Zambia. Now, the total number of international students has reached 180, and they are from 18 different countries. Among them, male students accounted for 57%, and students from the countries along "one belt and one road" accounted for 85%. Since enrolled in our university, international students have been keeping in good order. They have initiatively understood Chinese culture, actively integrated into the university, and won a series of achievements and acceptance, which contributed to the acceleration of the internationalization of our university.

    (Yu Xiaoxia, Gao Chi)

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