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    An Introduction to Shanxi Medical University

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    Shanxi Medical University, founded in 1919 and located in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, has nearly a hundred years of history. It is a comprehensive university of modern medical science that integrates humanities, natural sciences and engineering as well as management into medical education. Shanxi Medical University has formed its unique spirits featuring the School Motto of “医理博精    德能高邃” —Broad and Profound in Medicine, High and Sound in Virtue; the School Ethos of “献身   务实   团结  进取” —Dedication, Pragmatism, Solidarity and Enterprisingness; and the School Spirit of “求实精进    坚韧弘毅”—Practicality and Diligence, Persistence and Tenacity. Shanxi Medical University strives to become a top level research-oriented university while emphasizing undergraduate and postgraduate education with its distinctive characteristics.

    The university has three campuses that cover a total area of nearly 240 acres with a building area of 710,000 square meters. The university’s total estimated value of fixed asset is 1.2 billion RMB. The total annual funds for scientific research amount to 110 million RMB.

    Yingze Campus

    The Yingze Campus is located in the center of Taiyuan, the Yingze District. Its main functions include postgraduate medical education, scientific research, teaching of senior undergraduates in some of the medical courses, and continuing medical education and training.

    Chuanzhi Campus

    The Chuanzhi Campus, also located in Taiyuan, is the site of The Second Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

    Zhongdu Campus

    The Zhongdu Campus is located in the newly established Shanxi Higher Eduation Zone in the city of Yuci near Taiyuan. It is the teaching center of the university, responsible mainly for the education of undergraduates, junior undergraduates and International students.

    As of 2018, Shanxi Medical University has:

    31  Academic departments

    12  Directly affiliated hospitals

    12  Non-directly affiliated hospitals

    29  Teaching hospitals

    111  Teaching bases

    15  Training bases for postgraduates

    Science and research bases

    There are 1,600 faculties and 19,200 students which include undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, and international students.Shanxi Medical University has a vibrant alumni community of more than 120,000 members around the world.

    Adhering to the concept of modernization and innovation in education, Shanxi Medical University cherishes all opportunities to develop a broad and extensive cooperation in education, research in medical science with higher educational institutions all around the world to jointly promote the advancement in international higher education.



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