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    An Introduction to Shanxi Medical University

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    Shanxi Medical University located in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, has nearly a hundred years of history. Founded in 1919, Shanxi Medical University was called Shanxi Medical School at that time. In 1953, it was established independently and was renamed as Shanxi Medical College. It later became one of the six top medical schools in China and renamed as Shanxi Medical University in 1996. Our school is the first undergraduate university with forensic medicine discipline and belongs to the first batch of bachelor's degree and master's degree authorized schools in China, the first batch of doctoral degree authorized schools in Shanxi Province and the first batch of authorized units with doctoral degree in nursing in China. It is also one of the twenty-five medical schools nationwide with the seven-year clinical medicine program and one of the eight medical schools nationwide that resuming undergraduate programs in pediatrics. Besides, our school is one of the universities supported by the National Basic Ability Construction for Central and Western Universities Project and among the first batch of pilot universities with Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program. The clinical medicine discipline is belonging to the first batch of reform pilot majors in National Undergraduate Teaching Project.

    After a hundred years of construction and development, It has been a comprehensive university of modern medical science that integrates humanities, natural sciences and engineering as well as management into medical education. Shanxi Medical University has formed its unique spirits featuring the School Motto of “医理博精 德能高邃” —Broad and Profound in Medicine, High and Sound in Virtue; the School Ethos of “献身 务实 团结 进取” —Dedication, Pragmatism, Solidarity and Enterprisingness; and the School Spirit of “求实精进 坚韧弘毅”—Practicality and Diligence, Persistence and Tenacity. Shanxi Medical University strives to become a top level research-oriented university while emphasizing undergraduate and postgraduate education with its distinctive characteristics.

    The university has three campuses that cover a total area of nearly 240 acres with a building area of 710,000 square meters. The university’s total estimated value of fixed asset is 2.7 billion RMB. Among them, the value of teaching and research equipment is reaching 757 million yuan.The total annual funds for scientific research amount to 499 million RMB.

    ★Yingze Campus

    The Yingze Campus is located in the center of Taiyuan, the Yingze District. Its main functions include postgraduate medical education, scientific research, teaching of senior undergraduates in some of the medical courses, and continuing medical education and training.

    ★Chuanzhi Campus

    The Chuanzhi Campus, also located in Taiyuan, is the site of The Second Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

    ★Zhongdu Campus

    The Zhongdu Campus is located in the newly established Shanxi Higher Eduation Zone in the city of Yuci near Taiyuan. It is the teaching center of the university, responsible mainly for the education of undergraduates, junior undergraduates and International students. Right now, there are about 7,000 faculty and medical staff, and more than 1,700 postgraduate professors in campus.

    As of 2020, Shanxi Medical University has:

    1 National Key Discipline

    1 Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education

    1 Collaborative Innovation Center co-constructed by Province and Ministry of Education

    2 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers

    4 Post-doctoral Research Mobile Stations

    5 National Specialty Disciplines

    —5 National First-class Undergraduate Professional Construction Points

    13 National Key Clinical Specialties

    31 Provincial Key Teaching and Research Platforms

    —31 undergraduate majors, including clinical medicine (five-year system, "5+3" integration), preventive medicine, forensic medicine, stomatology, pediatrics, medical imaging, anesthesiology, nursing, psychiatry, basic medicine, ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, biopharmaceuticals, health inspection and quarantine, rehabilitation therapy, sports rehabilitation, social work, information management and information systems (medical informatics direction), and public service management.

    Currently, there are currently more than 21,040 full-time students on campus including 15,230 ordinary undergraduates, 5,040 master's students, 420 doctoral students and 330 international students. Since its foundation, our school has cultivated more than 130,000 medical and health professionals, such as the first "Bethune Medal" winner, the "People’s Good Doctor" honor, Zhao Xuefang, the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Jianguo and Tian Zhigang, and the winner of the Nightingale Medal, Yang Hui.

           The school has established international collaborations with universities and institutions in the United States, Germany, Australia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions in the field of education, technology and medicine, and carried out a number of substantive exchanges and cooperation worldwide.

           In the new journey, our school will make the best of the development opportunities, including the national "Double First-class" Construction and Shanxi provincial "1331 Project" and "136" Medical Development Project, the implementation of “Healthy China and Healthy Shanxi” Construction, and the comprehensive medical education reformations, to speed up the pace of our school construction and strive for the achievement as a high-level research and teaching medical university with distinctive characteristics.


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