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    SXMU's Delegation Achieved Gratifying Results in the 6th International University Surgery Olympic Competition

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    SXMU's Delegation Achieved Gratifying Results in the 6th International University Surgery Olympic Competition

    The 6thInternational University Surgery Olympic Competitionhosted by the Far East Alliance was held inthe Far Eastern State Medical University (FESMU) during February 27 to March 1. Zhang Rui, Zhang Yuhang, Yang Yirong, Zhu Hongyin and Yan Xutao,Five students from the First School of Clinical Medicine, representedSXMU in the competition and achieved gratifying results of third prizes in two individual competitions, theUrological Bladder Reconstructionand theBandage Fixation.


    During the compact three-day journey,our team was cordially received by professor K.V.Zhmerenetsky, the president of Far Eastern State Medical University the university, as soon as they arrived. Then leaded by Russian teachers, they visited schools and cities and experienced exotic cultures.After that, they were accompanied by volunteers to get familiar with the competition site, the rules and other matters needing attention. Our team members carefully formulated plans for the competition with clear division of the work, and actively cooperated with each other to finish five competitionssuccessfully.During the interval, they also actively communicated with other participating teams to learn from each other and to enhance friendship.


    There was only one month left when they received the invitation to the competition, obviously a heavy task in a short time. The Academic Affairs Office of the First School of Clinical Medicine carefully formulated training plans and purchased relevant equipment to ensure that the training work could be carried out smoothly. Five students with solid basic skills and strong professional abilities were selected and backbone members of relevant departments were transferred to carry out one-on-one intensive skill training. The training teachers and the team members gave up their holidays to keep practicing, summarizing and improving, and mastered the surgical skills and competition events in a short time.


    Through this competition, the students won honors for our university, expanded their horizons, increased their self-confidence, and improved clinical skills and global competency as modern medical majors.


    (Yu Xiaoxia, Zhang Rui)

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