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    Jinzhong Foreign Affairs Office Held the Theme Activity "Health, Civilization and Friendship" for Foreign Students in Our School

    Time:Oct 30, 2021 19:21       Auth:兰能静 张迪

    On the afternoon of October 21, the theme activity "Health, Civilization and Friendship" held by Jinzhong Foreign Affairs Office was unveiled in our university. Xi Wanghua, the secretary general of the Provincial people's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries, Zhang Guoxin, the director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jinzhong City, the heads of the Jinzhong people's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries, the teachers from the International Education School, as well as nine representatives of foreign students from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Botswana and Cameroon attended the discussion. The meeting was presided over by Yu Xiaoxia, the vice dean of International Education School.

    The forum began with the beautiful scenery of the promotional film "impression Jinzhong". Guo Yabin, the vice dean of International Education School, and Liu Yaming, the section chief of Jinzhong Foreign Affairs Office, introduced the relevant work of the school and the Municipal Friendship Association, respectively.

    Zhang Guoxin, the director of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, said that it was necessary to actively implement the purpose of "promoting people's friendship, promoting international cooperation, and promoting common development",sincerely provide services such as epidemic prevention policy consultation, vaccination and license handling for every foreign student in Jinzhong, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign students.

    Xi Wanghua, the secretary general of the Provincial people's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries, stressed that this meeting will be benefit to guide the group of foreign students to follow China's foreign principles and policies, promote the culture of Shanxi businessmen to go out, tell the story of Jinzhong, spread the voice of Jinzhong, and enhance the trust and friendship between the people of Jinzhong and the group of foreign students. The association will give full play to its role as a bridge and open up new channels for exploring multi-field, multi-channel, and multi-level non-governmental exchanges with foreign countries.

    Song Sima, a Pakistani doctoral student, expressed his gratitude on behalf of international students for the convenient service provided by the Jinzhong municipal government to international students. He talked about the feelings and experiences of studying and living in China and Shanxi for many years, and said emotionally, "the school is our home, and the teachers are our parents." He also said that he would work hard to learn knowledge and be the messenger of friendship between China and Pakistan. Let more people fall in love with China and Shanxi.

    After the forum, the Jinzhong people's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries, the Institute of International Education and the school students held a theme class meeting to publicize Jinzhong's geographical and cultural features, publicize policies related to epidemic prevention and control, and encourage foreign students to understand Chinese culture and act as friendly messengers. The foreign students shared the short stories of visiting the ancient city of Pingyao and tasting the pasta of Sanjin, exchanged their feelings of study and life in Jin, and had a friendly atmosphere.

    This activity is the first joint activity to actively implement the development strategy of "provincial-school cooperation" of the provincial party committee and provincial government, and enrich the "city-school cooperation" of Jinzhong City. We look forward to taking this as an opportunity to innovate the thinking of foreign affairs work, explore the mode of cooperation, and take practical actions to deepen the deployment of provincial-school cooperation.

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