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    Students from International Education School Made Dumplings to Celebrate the Coming Spring Festival

    Time:Jan 31, 2022 14:11       Auth:

    On the occasion of the arrival of the Year ofTiger, the school of International Education held a theme activitytocelebrate the comingSpring Festivalin the second canteen on January 29th to enabletheinternational students to fully feel the atmosphere of traditional Chinese New Year, experiencethetraditional Chinese culture and promote the integration of Chinese and foreign culture.The director of International Cooperation and ExchangeDepartment,Fan Qinghua,the vicedean of International EducationSchool,Yu Xiaoxia,thefaculty and stafffrom theSchool, and60 international students attended the event.


    Under the guidance of the teacher, the foreign studentslearned tomakethe dumpling warppers and fill the stuffing themselves. Dumplingswithdifferentcharacteristics were soonfilled withthetrays. Everyone took photos to record this happy andmemorable moment. The whole hallwasfull of laughter and cheerful voices, conveying the warmth and joy of winter.


    Students from Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and Botswana sang thesongs, 《Happy New Year》,《Congratulations》and《Sea of Stars》. Their enthusiastic performance expressed their love for Chineseculture.


    Small dumplings carry strong blessings. All teachers and students gathered at this event with good wishes forthecomingyear.This activity is one of the winterthemeactivities of International EducationSchool. For these internationalstudents whoinflueced bythe epidemic,our university has actively organized various recreational and sports activitiesfor theentertainment, whichnot onlyalleviatingtheir homesickne,but alsodeepenningtheir awareness and recognition of the excellent traditional Chineseculture.

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