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    The School of Anesthesiology Carried out The Popularization of "China Anesthesiology Week"

    Time:Jun 24, 2022 15:32       Auth:

    On March 28, the College of Anesthesiology launched the popularization and publicity activities of the 2022 "China Anesthesia Week". The theme of this year's anesthesia week is "Reverence for life, Concern for Anesthesia".

    On thatday,the volunteers of the School of Anesthesiology carried out popular science propaganda in the form of posters and exhibition boards, leading students to understand the mysterious world of anesthesiology and further enhancing their cognition and understanding of anesthesiology.

    The College of Anesthesiology also held various forms of popular science publicity activities, such as poster display board publicity, selected video recommendation, anesthesia sharing meeting, knowledge competition and exchange of feelings, to introduce the anesthesia week and the development of Anesthesiology, the application of anesthesia technology in clinical surgery and the significance of anesthesia development to modern medicine.

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