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    Beijing Official Website International
     Beijing Official Website International includes loads of information, from travel, culture,to study or business. If you want to find more, please click the following website. eBeijing.gov.cn  http://www.ebeijing.gov.cn

    Face-Changing: A Unique Feat of Sichuan Opera
    Face-changing is a kind of characterization trick used in Sichuan Opera,and a romantic technique to reveal inner emotions and thoughts of characters in the play.​It is said that face-changing originated from the ancient people who drew different shapes on their faces to scare the invading beasts for survival. Sichuan Opera performs face-changing on the stage and makes it a unique art with marv...

    Meet in Shanhai
    The Official Shanghai China Travel Information - Shanghai travel guide,incentive travel to Shanghai,Shanghai Tourism Board,Shanghai hotels,tours,exhibitions,event - The Official Shanghai Travel Website - Meet-in-Shanghai.net  http://www.meet-in-shanghai.net/

    Video of Guizhou
    Guizhou province, also called "Qian" or "Gui", administrates six county-level cities, three autonomous regions, 88 counties (or cities, districts and special zones), covering a land area of 176,000 square kilometers. According to the sixth national population census, there are 34.75 million permanent residents in the province, among which 36.1 percent are different ethnic groups.

    Video of Guangxi
    A city of extreme southern China west of Guangzhou. The capital of Guangxi Zhuangzu, it is highly industrialized. Population,564, 900.

    Video of Chongqing
    Chongqing is a large and flourishing mountain city of 6,470,000 inhabitants

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