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    After 90 years of construction and development, the school has developed from a single discipline at its inception to a medical university dominated by medicine, with the mutual infiltration and coordinated development of medicine, science, management, law and liberal arts. A multi-level talent training system based on undergraduate education has been formed. No matter in terms of school scale, school quality, school efficiency, or teaching staff, teaching and research ability and management level, there are certain advantages in similar colleges and universities all over the country.

    The main part of the school has 10 grades: the first Clinical Medical College, the second Clinical Medical College, the basic Medical College, the School of Public Health, the School of Forensic Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Nursing, the College of continuing Education, the College of Vocational and Technical Technology, the Department of Stomatology, the Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Anesthesiology, the Department of Medical Imaging, the Department of physical Education, the Department of Foreign language Teaching, and the Graduate Department. Our school now has 4 affiliated hospitals and Bko7d.jpg74 institutes of all kinds of teaching bases, including 9 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 13 internship hospitals, 14 centers for disease prevention and control at all levels, and 38 other internship bases.

    The first and second affiliated hospitals are the largest Grade 3A hospitals in Shanxi Province and rest assured by the people all over the country. The two hospitals have opened 1979 beds and have a strong medical technical force. 12 disciplines have been identified as provincial key disciplines by the Provincial Department of Health and the Provincial Department of Education. The first affiliated Hospital is an advanced unit in the construction of medical ethics in the health system of the province and an advanced foreign aid unit of the Ministry of Health. The second affiliated Hospital is the national top 100 hospital, the national advanced unit for the establishment of civilized industry, and the national advanced unit for the construction of health culture.

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